2020 Complete Package!
Every tool & resource you need to jump start, switch up and/or change your health & fitness routine!
  • Exercise & Training: Unlimited strength, cardio, kickbox & yoga classes
  • Nutrition Plan: 1 Month nutrition plan, macro calculator and grocery list
  • 14 Motivational Videos: Get your mind right so you can get your body right!
  • Yoga Videos: Do yoga from anywhere with this 3o minute video!
  • 30Day Journal: Sound Mind, Healthy Body, Strong Spirit includes tangible journal & online workouts 
 SOFX MEMBERS Get Results!
SOFX Starter Pack!
Complete package with everything you need to meet YOUR health & fitness goals!

Science based exercise program and nutrition guides to get you sustainable results!
SOFX Starter Pack Includes:

1. 3 Months Unlimited Gym Membership 
(includes strength, cardio, yoga and kickbox)
$330 Value

2. 6 Week Nutrition Plan & Macro Calculator
$100 Value

3. 14 Videos made JUST FOR YOU to keep you engaged, motivated & on track
$70 Value

4. Home Yoga Video with SOFX Owner, Sarah Korb and Hall of Fame Bronco Player, Rod Smith
$20 Value

5. Journal: Sound Mind, Healthy Body, Strong Spirit
$50 value

$570 Total Value                                   
Today for $277
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He lost 30 inches!

This father & husband is the strongest & healthiest he has ever been!
This mom of 2 is the healthiest mentally & physically!
She is shocked that by ADDING more calories to her daily nutrition, SHE LOST OVER 20 LBS OF FAT!
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2020 Complete Package 
$616 Total Value!
I have created this package with every tool in the book to GET YOU RESULTS! You will receive a gym membership, basic nutrition, online workouts & a journal.  
Get started TODAY for $277! (No Contract!)
"I have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry: group fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, Bikini Bodybuilding, Managing Fitness programs & a certified Yoga Instructor. I know how to get YOU results physically & mentally!"
SOFX Owner Sarah Korb (pictured above)
They were given the tools & they applied them! No supplements, No gimmicks, No false promises. Just real results with REAL WORK!
This mom of 2 is just 3 months post-partum!
This amazing professional has proved that you can be REALLY STRONG & REALLY FIT at ANY age!
Mom of 2 who trusted us to get back into pre-baby shape!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you apply the tools given to you and you do not start to see results in 30 days, we will refund your money. (You will have to have checked into the gym 20 days in the first month & watch videos sent to you so far.
We look forward to meeting you and training with you!

Set Your Soul on Fire!
-Sarah Korb
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